How It Works

Create a Promo

Showcase an album by creating a promo with your WAV or MP3 tracks, photos, PDF attachments, and YouTube videos. We automatically generate a professional-looking web page for your promo, and you can customize the way it looks.

Send Invitations

Import your contacts and organize them into strategic groups. Give people instant access to your promos or send them an email invitation. Haulix generates a unique link for each outgoing email. Your contacts click their link and access your promo.

Track Engagement

Monitor listener engagement in real-time from your dashboard and track promo results with reports. Review feedback and better understand how your listeners are consuming your music. Our industry traction can help progress your industry relationships.

In today’s competitive music market, you need to know your release will reach key influencers and grab their attention. Over 3 million promo email invitations are sent through Haulix every month by artists and labels of all sizes. Our reputation gives your campaigns an advantage.

Your Haulix dashboard displays all actions performed by your contacts and team in real-time. You can see who is streaming or downloading your music and measure the overall performance for each promo. The dashboard is great for keeping a pulse on engagement.

Haulix dashboard

Every email blast and promo has their own statistics screens where you can filter results and see performance summaries. View track by track information, including streams and downloads, and easily send bulk follow-up emails to encourage further engagement.

Haulix engagement report

Easy music discovery for your listeners

Your contacts can log in any time and discover music you've given them access to in their Promo Library. Distributing promos to contacts is easy. Manually grant access or send them an email invitation.

Haulix promo library screen